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Antibody Discovery

Our highly diverse human synthetic antibody libraries and an efficient screening platform can provide the antibody discovery service for different antibody formats, including scFv, IgG, and VHH(nanobody). After acquiring the antigen provided by the customer, we will perform the bio-panning and further processing for identifying the antibodies with high specificity.

Antibody Optimization

In addition to antibody screening, we also provide an antibody affinity maturation platform based on a phage display system that can improve and optimize the relevant binding capability of the antibody provided by the customer.

Production of recombinant protein

AnTaimmu uses mammal cells (mouse CHO or human HEK293 cells) to express well-folded recombinant proteins and purified them for research work such as related antibody screening and ELISA analysis.

Establishment of stable clones

We also provide stable clone establishment and related services.


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